GBG - Lucas auto parts

GBG-Lucas Auto parts - Belgrade

You may find in our assortment :

AUTO BODY PARTS : front and rear fenders, hoods, front and rear panels, wheel arches and sills, metal moldings, lower cross-bars ...

BUMPERS AND OTHER PLASTIC PARTS : front and rear bumpers, bumper reinforcements, spoilers, moldings and bumper grills, grills, inner fenders, engine covers, door handles ...

LIGHTING EQUIPMENT : headlamps, fog lamps, indicators, rear lamps, reflectors, licence plate lights ...

REARVIEW MIRRORS : sideview mirrors, rearview mirror glasses, rearview mirror bands

And many other parts.

Our business partners are well-known brand names

GBG-Lucas Auto parts - Belgrade

In our assortment we are offering over 20,000 products made by world wide known manufacturers such as: HELLA, VALEO, MARELLI, TYC, DEPO , EUROLITES, ALKAR, MAX , TONG YANG, KLOKKERHOLM, ORAN, OLMAN, MAXICAR, EMBO, PHIRA, R2A, ISAM, EUROSTAMP, EUROBUMP, PRASCO, POLCAR and many, many others .

... Auto parts fit for everyone !